If you’d like to get to know my work a little better, I invite you to make yourself comfortable.

These summaries belong to several stories that I have been lucky enough to live and tell through my films.

I hope you like them!

If you want to see more videos, here is the link to my Vimeo page where you can see all my filmography (teaser versions).

Let’s get a few things straight…

How late are you staying?

We start early and finish late because we want to save as many images and sounds as possible from your Day. All this material will help us to be more creative when we sit down and create your film. We usually stay until one hour after the dance starts (although we usually stay a little longer because we love the party time!).

What type of material do you deliver?

With all the filmed material we edit a main film of about 20-30min and also prepare a teaser of about 3-4min so you can share it online with your family and friends. You have also the option to get some extra footage with a series of short films with other important moments of the day (full readings, interviews, dance -extended edition-,…). If you want you can also get the raw material.

How far in advance should I book?

If you are sure you want to have your wedding film, we advise you to book your date as soon as possible. We are usually contacted well in advance and we usually fill out the agenda right very soon. Besides, we don’t usually take every weekend of the month and we always leave some free days to be with the family, edit, rest or look for inspiration. If you are sure, tell us your story as soon as possible!

Do you do pre-wedding?

Call it pre-wedding, pre-interview or just a talk. We like to meet before the Day to get to know you a little better and to be able to better personalize your film. It is a very important moment where, besides the details of preparation and agenda of the Day, we take the opportunity to listen to you and get a little closer to your story. This is then reflected in a more personal and close work. We encourage you to use our contact form or email to tell us more about your story!

Do you use a drone?

We use the drone as another tool, like a secondary camera, slider or tripod. We have the official pilot license and we are registered as an operator to be able to fly legally. The use of the drone does not imply an extra cost and the only limitation will be the possibility of flying in the chosen place respecting the law.

Do you offer any other film type?

Our options cover the whole day but there are many ways to create some more videos and surprise your guests. Starting with your own invitations (“Save the Date” video) that you can share through your social networks, or do a same day edit to surprise your guests (preparations, ceremony, cocktail, …), there are many possibilities and the limit is only set by you.